Workforce management solutions

Products and services

We specialize in development of software solutions for employee scheduling, attendance tracking and payroll automation.

Cloud applications

We develop and provide workforce management solution

Application is best suited for management of complex workplaces, with multitude of different work shifts and complex payroll calculations - as in healthcare, security and manufacturing industries.

Advanced user interfaces

Simple and intuitive user interfaces are essential for effective management of complex processes.

We focus on inovative ways of presenting data, providing users with all necessary information to make informed decisions. Special care is given to responsiveness of user interfaces, making applications usable at various devices and displays.

Automation and machine learning

Automated employee scheduling and shift plan optimization greatly reduces time needed for managing workforce.

For automated scheduling we employ various machine learning and optimization algorithms. We concentrate on development of new methods and algoritms for efficient and user-friendly employee scheduling automation.

Consulting and support

We strive to provide the best customer support to our users.

Managing workforce is crucial for company day-to-day operations. Responsive and expert user support for respective software is therefore a must. We are always available to our customers, providing help and guidance during entire life-cycle of software implementation and usage.

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About us

We are just the right mix of experts in software development and workforce managemenent.

Damijan Miloševič

sales & support

dr. Jaka Krivic

strategy & products

dr. Simon Jesenko

architecture & technology

Are you interested in development of advanced web applications using modern technologies?

Are you experienced in the field of artificial intelegence (AI) and would like to apply your knowledge in real-life problems?

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We always use the right tool for the job!
Elixir React TensorFlow
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Implementation and integration of workforce management solutions requires a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Are you interested in providing your customers with state-of-the art workforce management solution?

We are looking to partner with IT consultancies and service providers having strong local presence in sectors of healthcare, manufacturing and other fields with complex employee scheduling needs.

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